Chief S'more Officer

Every Saturday at 9pm, we host S'more Club in an authentic Native American tipi. It's in our backyard in The Mission, San Francisco.

Each week, we invite a dozen aspiring s'more-makers that should meet. We curate people who are amazing in some way. We see our role as matchmakers for meaningful conversations.

This is our take on a less pretentious Supper Club... or a modern-day Salon for the makers and doers. And we need a Chief S'more Officer to help run it!


The perfect candidate is a mix of Sophie de Condorcet and Professor Indiana Jones. Wouldn't you like to make a s'more with them?

People naturally like you, near-immediately. Perhaps they sense your kind heart. Perhaps it is the joy you spread in life. Nevertheless, when you are around, people smile more often.

You're also well-read, insatiably curious, and your life should be a movie some day. Put simply, you are interesting.


For every Saturday that you are "on duty":


Your superpowers include:


About 5 hours per Saturday. Can schedule in a Saturday every month or two.


$250 per event. Plus unlimited s'mores, wine, and scotch. Oh, and you get cool-looking business cards too.


Apply to get an invite to S'more Club. Tell us you'd like to be a Chief S'more Officer somewhere in the application. We'll get back to you with an invite.