Share your best stories over a tipi campfire

S'mores, scotch, & new friends
The Mission, San Francisco
Saturdays @ 9pm

We're just your typical cozy s'more club

Hi! We're the folks behind Wefunder. Back in the pre-covid times, we built a tipi to host our founder gatherings. It turned out it was a pretty epic place to talk about the things that really matter. Now, we want to spread the magic to more people!

We try to avoid talking about work (except how it relates to our passions). Instead, we dive into meaningful, deep, and authentic stories; to make real connections with others. In a tipi. With s'mores! Because why not?

Every Saturday, we invite a dozen aspiring s'more-makers that we think should meet. We curate people who are amazing in some way. We hope you'll leave with a couple of new friends!


How many people do you invite?

While we've managed to fit over 20 people in the tipi, we usually try to keep it to about a dozen.

Why are you doing this?

We like being around really interesting and motivated people. That's pretty much it.

Whose house is the tipi in?

Nick Tommarello - the founder & CEO of Wefunder.

Does this cost anything?


I'm vegan! What can I eat?!

We have vegan s'mores also!

What is the tipi stocked with?

Red wine, white wine, scotch, and s'more supplies.

Can I bring anything?

Sure! We won't turn down anything. But no obligation.

What's the format like?

Each Saturday, a different Chief S'more Officer (CSO) is in charge of making sure the conversation flows smoothly and everyone is included. Each CSO has their own unique way of doing this. But come prepared with at least one good story to share!

What are the rules?

Not much. Be nice to others. Don't talk about the details of work (unless related to your passion or a major life decision). Give a chance for everyone to talk. Go deeper. Share more. And what happens in the tipi stays in the tipi!

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, but no more than one without telling us in advance. We gotta make sure everyone fits!

How do I get invited?

Either apply here... or find someone who has already been invited to bring you.

Do you have any jobs?

Why yes! Apply to be a Chief S'more Officer.

Apply for an Invite

We choose a dozen people to meet each Saturday.
We try to choose those with similiar interests.